Feed-in Tariff

The Government is keen to see more people using solar power. So there's an incentive for those who invest in a solar installation. This incentive is known as the 'Feed-in tariff' (FiT).

How this works is that once you've have had your solar panels installed and connected, your solar power meter will record how much electricity you have generated from your solar panels. For each unit of electricity produced by your panels, the Government, through your energy provider, will reward you.

The rate you are paid is more generous if you use a certified installer, such as Dresser-Solar.

Because the tariffs are subject to periodic review, we can advise on the current rates at the time of our no-obligation survey. The rate at which you are paid is guaranteed by the Government for 20 years.

These tariff payments are tax-free and index-linked.

surplus electricity

Export Tariff

If you are in a position to have a property or premises with a huge solar panel installation, you may find that your panels generate so much electricity that it is more than you actually use. If are fortunate enough to be able to generate surplus electricity to that which you use, you are given an additional reward, known as an Export Tariff payment.

In effect you are rewarded for putting this surplus electricity back into the national grid. This payment is also provided through your energy provider.

We can advise you on the current rates at the time of our no-obligation survey.

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