How Solar Works

for your home or business

How Solar Works

Solar panels convert the light from the sun into electricity. It's clean and green. Each panel contains photovoltaic cells and when panels are connected, they form a circuit. Panels are usually fitted to rooftops but they can also be fitted at ground level.

The panels are virtually maintenance free. They have a long shelf life and even after 25 years they can still be performing at 80 per cent efficiency.

In the majority of cases you don't need planning permission to have a solar panel scheme installed. However, Dresser Solar can advise as part of our no-obligation assessment and survey.

Independent Power

Solar panels are brilliant for use in generating a portion of your power, and in so doing reduce your dependency on traditional power sources like the national grid. You could find that you are able to generate sufficient electricity for appliances or lighting and therefore lower your electricity bill

As part of the installation your solar meter will measure your electricity production as well as your consumption, and calculate the difference. So as you generate electricity with your panels, you are in essence banking credit with your local electricity supplier.

Investment Returns and Planning

In many cases returns on investment of 15% are being enjoyed which is an attractive proposition for someone looking to invest a sum of money wisely.

If we think you will need to gain planning permission, we shall help you through the process.

Dresser Solar will provide a helping hand to take you through the process and the paperwork involved in the installation, including gaining consent from the main national energy distributor (NEDL in this area) so as to connect your solar panels to the national grid. We take care of the whole installation process enabling you to continue to run your home or business fuss-free.

It can take several weeks between submitting an application to NEDL for connection to the grid, and receiving consent to go ahead with the solar installation. But once consent is received, installations take no time at all, normally 1 to 2 days to complete, depending on the size and scale of the job.

For customers who don’t have the money to invest up front in solar panels, Dresser Solar can offer advice on the Government’s Green Deal plan. See more about this in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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